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More than just a law firm, we're a boutique law hub with an international perspective, dedicated to helping you succeed.

We Provide the Best and Top Notch Immigration and Intellectual Property Services.

  • Retaining our services is not only beneficial but also incredibly easy, thanks to our use of cutting-edge technology. From start to finish, clients can handle their legal matters seamlessly, without the need for in-person visits.

  • Our advanced online platform allows you to communicate with our experienced attorneys, submit necessary documents, and track the progress of your case in real time.

  • This modern approach ensures efficiency, convenience, and accessibility, making it simpler than ever to receive expert legal support. With us, managing your legal needs is straightforward and hassle-free, allowing you to focus on what matters most.


Direct Representation by Licenced Professionals

Our approach is unique: We prioritize client confidentiality and focus on winning.


+12 Years

of experience


States & Territories Representation

  • Citizenship and Naturalization

  • Deportation Defense

  • Immigration Bonds

  • Green Cards (Adjustment of Status)

  • Immigration Waivers

  • Family Petitions

  • Investment-Based Immigration

  • Employment-Based Immigration

  • Fiance Visas (K1 Visas)

  • Non-Immigrant Visas



Artists & Creators

We specialize in providing comprehensive copyright services to protect and enforce your creative works. Our team of experienced intellectual property attorneys is dedicated to safeguarding the rights of authors, artists, musicians, and businesses, ensuring their creations are protected from unauthorized use and infringement.

Publishers & Media



Trademark Strategies

  • We will handle your trademark registration from start to finish. Including responses to any office actions.

  • We protect the exclusive right to copy, license, or exploit the intellectual property that embodies a person’s original artistic, literary, musical, dramatic, or creative works as expressed through a tangible medium. This applies even you if are an immigrant in the United States or any person or international company who is based out of the country.

US Trademark with Global Partners


A Different Approach for a Different World: Using New Ways for Representation  

As a forward-thinking law firm, we leverage new approaches to consult with our clients, ensuring convenience, efficiency, and enhanced communication. We utilize video conference platforms, allowing us to conduct face-to-face meetings with clients regardless of their location. This not only saves time and travel expenses but also enables real-time interaction, fostering a personal connection.

Schedule a video conference consultation and begin your process from anywhere in the world.

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Firm's Reach


Nationalities Represented


Clients Represented


Direct Representation


Years of Experience



Good afternoon, my husband and I are very satisfied with our lawyer Ricardo Tapia for his attention at all times, helping us and supporting us. Thank you and blessings.

Kenia Rodriguez


average rating is 3 out of 5
They are the best in the world, there are no words to describe how incredible they are professionally and as a person, more than a law firm and lawyer, they are like family, thank you 🙂

Johan Diaz


average rating is 3 out of 5
Very good lawyer, always available, very good service, very nice as a person and as a lawyer.