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U.S. Immigration

We represent clients nationwide, whether you're coming to the U.S. or dealing with legal issues in the country.

  • Deportation Defense (Asylum, Bonds, and Immigration Court Representation)

  • Green Cards

  • Immigration Waivers

  • Family Immigration

  • Citizenship and Naturalization

  • Investment-Based Immigration

  • Employment-Based Immigration

  • Fiance Visas (K1 Visas)

Intellectual Property

Whether you are an influencer or content creator, an emerging business, or an established company, your brand and creative endeavors are what make you unique, that's why are her for you.

  • We will handle your trademark registration from start to finish. Including responses to any office actions.

  • We protect the exclusive right to copy, license, or exploit the intellectual property that embodies a person’s original artistic, literary, musical, dramatic, or creative works as expressed through a tangible medium. This applies even you if are an immigrant in the United States or any person or international company who is based out of the country. 

Ricardo Tapia

I founded this firm with a dedication to excellence and a commitment to advocating for my clients. With years of experience in immigration law, intellectual property, and managing international transactions, I provide personalized legal solutions tailored to your unique needs. When you choose me as your attorney, you can trust that I'll navigate complex legal challenges with skill, integrity, and unwavering personal dedication.

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